I am focused on building better software products and engineering teams through fostering an amazing team culture, developing software smarter, and utilizing the right metrics. I have hired and currently manage multiple development teams, defined and matured the software development process, and built an infrastructure with three 9s of uptime.

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The Case of the Missing React Framework

Learning React is easy, but learning how to properly architect an app using React is an exercise in frustration. React is just the view layer and Flux is a pattern for updating views. But there is a large gap - how to organize your data in a React app »

Testing time-dependent functions

Recently I started a weekend project called Todolist, which is a little Go application for the command line that does simple task management. Todolist is centered around due dates, and I needed a good way to unit test my code. So the question was, »

How to deliver high quality software

When it comes to software, the term “QA” itself is highly loaded. Because what is it, really? Is it just a thing at the end of the software delivery line, where quality gets lovingly sprayed on at the end, achieving a nice glossy sheen? Is it a separate »