I am focused on building better software products and engineering teams through fostering an amazing team culture, developing software smarter, and utilizing the right metrics. I have hired and currently manage multiple development teams, defined and matured the software development process, and built an infrastructure with three 9s of uptime.

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How to deliver high quality software

When it comes to software, the term “QA” itself is highly loaded. Because what is it, really? Is it just a thing at the end of the software delivery line, where quality gets lovingly sprayed on at the end, achieving a nice glossy sheen? Is it a separate »

Keep an Engineering Manifesto

At PipelineDeals we have an engineering manifesto. Our manifesto is the backbone of what we stand for as a team. They are high level, core underpinnings of our team’s culture. They read like team-level objectives, but they trancend any time-based measurement. They are here for the life of the company. »