Grant Ammons

Engineering Leader

How to efficiently manage your dotfiles

Dotfiles and dotfile management are a foundational keystone to an organized, repeatable workflow. They are a must if you’re a developer, and also become critically important to properly manage if you’re planning on running Linux as your primary desktop »

A quick reference on ECMAScript Maturity Stages

I wrote a quick reference on maturity Stages for ESnext Javascript features. It’s important be careful using features that are in stage 2 and below. Babel has presets that will automatically include the Javascript features for that particular stage »

async/await: The asynchronous code de-tangler

In my previous post, we went through some examples of using promises to light up some balls. It was fun. And I showed how promises can really clean up asynchronous function calls. But… Did you know that there is an even easier way of writing asynchronous »

Learn Promises via Wild n' Crazy Examples

Note: while reading this article, you should listen to Promises, Promises by Naked eyes. Promises hold the promise (yup) that they will make your asynchronous code easier to work with. They will help you avoid callback hell in a lot of situations, where »

Short methods, full hearts, can't lose

If there’s one rule that really makes all the difference in terms of code readability, it’s keeping your method sizes small. Your present and future teammates will thank you for it. What do I mean by small? Well, according to Sandi Metz and Uncle »

The Case of the Missing React Framework

Learning React is easy, but learning how to properly architect an app using React is an exercise in frustration. React is just the view layer and Flux is a pattern for updating views. But there is a large gap - how to organize your data in a React app »

The life-changing benefits of side projects

I am an avid side project-er. At any point in time I always have at least one “thing” going on in the background that feeds my appetite for playing with new tech and learning new stuff. Side projects can be liberating and super fun. They are great for »