Grant Ammons - Portfolio


Director of Engineering at ConvertKit - Jan 2017 to present

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that focuses on creators.

  • Scaled engineering org from 3 to 18+ engineers (we’re still hiring). ConvertKit has solid growth. I joined when we were at around $6M in ARR, and I helped scale it to $14+M.
  • Implemented many processes that were nascent or missing - hiring, software delivery, QA, reviews / promotions, etc.
  • Scaled the team to squads, with squad leads
  • Migrated production infrastructure from Heroku to AWS

PipelineDeals - VP engineering - 2006 to late 2016

  • Built PipelineDeals with cofounders from idea to successful bootstrapped SaaS app generating millions in revenue. Is employee #1.
  • Hired and Manages 3 remote teams of awesome software engineers.
  • Ensures the culture is strong and vibrant, even though we are all remote. Developer happiness and productivity are my primary concerns, while at the same time keeping accountability with the business side.
  • Crafted + continually hones software delivery process to ensure high quality and tight collaboration. Strives to keep process minimal.
  • Manages a large production infrastructure in AWS, overseeing 50+ instances. Implemented best-in-class practices to ensure speed, scalability, and uptime. Achieved 99.999% uptime in 2015. Has kept infrastructure costs well below SaaS averages by strategic use + planning of reserved instances.



  • Built my own SaaS, called Ultradeck. It did not get traction, but I learned a ton about product development.

Open source stuff


Todolist is an open source command-line task management app written in Go.

  • Can be installed using Homebrew via brew install todolist.
  • There is a web view which is a single-page app that displays your todolist in a browser. The web view is a single-page app (SPA) coded with React/Redux, ES6.


fake_arel is a gem I wrote in 2010 that allowed developers to use Rails 3 query syntax in Rails 2. It accomplished this by clever use of named scopes.

  • We used this in production at PipelineDeals for a year or so while we refactored our app and readied it for Rails 3.
  • Worked as advertised, as we were able to drop out fake_arel and begin using Rails 3 arel seamlessly.
  • fake_arel was featured on the Ruby5 podcast in 2010.